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Great songs are the heart of an artist. Killer production is the soul.
— Shane Adams

At Artist Accelerator, we believe your "style" is comprised of the best elements of all the music you love and have been devouring your entire life. We passionately delve into the DNA of your favorite songs, artists, writers, musicians, bands, singles, albums, playlists, lyrics, etc, and create a personalized artistic game-plan to enable the achievement of your musical dreams. 


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Who We Are...

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Shane Adams

President - Artist Accelerator


Shane Adams, President of Artist Accelerator, is a twice GRAMMY nominated music educator (non self-nominated), award-winning producer/songwriter, and author. Shane is a founding instructor for Berklee Online, where he has taught lyric-writing and songwriting to thousands of students since 2003.

Shane is a featured songwriter and instructor for the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum where he received their TOP TEN HITMAKER award for 2014.  He co-developed their current Words & Music, and Songwriting 101 outreach programs, which have enabled over 250,000 (and counting!) American students to learn to write songs. Shane has served on the Hall of Fame's museum expansion advisory board and has facilitated other artistic community programs, such as Poetry in Motion, co-sponsored by the Nashville Arts Commission and the NCAA Women's Final Four.

In 2017 Shane received the Trajectory Award from Music Business College at Anáhuac University (the Mexican Harvard) for his international leadership in the evolution of the music industry in the digital era. Chowan University named him the 2013 Music Industry Professional of the Year by, and in 2005 Shane earned the Tennessee-Songwriter-Association-International’s highest honor, the Hallman Award, for outstanding contributions to the songwriting community.

As a producer and composer, Shane has scored several independent film projects, including Fortune Cookie (featured at both the Sundance and Hollywood Film Festivals), Family Alliance, and American Mobster. Shane is currently the featured composer for Fjor Films and writes for Warner/Chappell Production Music. 

Shane is recognized internationally as a groundbreaking songwriting lecturer and music production panelist. He is a featured contributor to iSing magazine, Success for Your Songs, and has been a guest on a myriad of blogs and podcasts. Shane is author of the best selling The Singer-Songwriter's Guide to Recording in the Home Studio.

Shane’s current projects include developing two songwriting applications for the Mac OS platform and producing and co-hosting the songwriting podcast Studio Soundtrack available on iTunes.

Shane loves to play the Sicilian opening in chess and can solve a Rubik's cube in under 3 minutes.


Quotes about Shane Adams

Thanks so much for the support Shane Adams You were there every step of the way from each song’s conception to every edit of my demos. You consistently delivered constructive criticism and most importantly, gave me a safe place to grow as an artist. I truly couldn’t have done this EP without you! I’m blessed beyond words to have you as a mentor but also as a friend!
— Brooke Josepheson - Artist, Songwriter
Shane Adams is a truly inspiring teacher who has helped hundreds of
students unlock their songwriting and lyric writing potential online at

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring are just some of the ways
Shane’s online students describe him. With practical tools and proven
strategies, Shane teaches his students how to improve their writing
— Debbie Cavalier - Senior VP Online Learning, CEO Berklee Online
Working with Shane Adams is like revealing what’s inside a newly discovered treasure chest and realizing you have a 1787 Brasher doubloon when you thought you had a common penny.

Anyone willing to let go of ego and forge through the editing process will shine. The message of the song becomes clear and the result is priceless.

Artist Accelerator is a no-brainer to anyone wishing to be the best they can be and laugh a lot in the process.
— Sierra West - Pres. San Diego Songwriter's Guild
Shane has been a teaching artist for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s songwriting programs for a long time. His knowledge of songwriting and his passion for sharing his knowledge are endless. Kids love him and so do teachers - he makes learning so fun you forgot that class was in session.
— Ali Tonn - Public Program Coordinator at Country Music Hall of Fame